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Our Story

I don’t have a sappy story to tell you, I didn’t grow up loving baking or anything like that. I discovered it in my early adult years. I was working at a shoe store and decided I would make cupcakes for my boss’s baby shower. Turns out I had a lot of fun doing it, and everyone loved them. So I kept at it! It started for me, as it does for many cake artists, as a side hustle.

Working a full time job, going to baking school at night and working into the wee hours of the morning to fulfill my orders.

What started as a simple love for baking has bloomed into a love for running a cake business. From working on how to improve behind the scenes to hands-on decorating in the kitchen, it’s all passionate work and it’s reflected in our product and service.

** Please note that our kitchen is not an allergen free environment! We take all the necessary precautions when carrying out an allergen-free order, but this is not a guarantee. Thank you for your understanding.